BBC’s ‘ten things we didn’t know last week’

April 29, 2007
  • The BBC do a weekly magazine item listing ’10 things we didn’t know last week – you can see the archive here
  • Some examples… ‘Scouting for Boys by Lord Baden-Powell is the fourth bestselling book of the 20th Century, after the Bible, the Koran and Mao’s Little Red Book’
  • ‘We each get a completely new skeleton every 10 years, because of cell renewal’
  • ‘Spiralling obesity rates are forcing councils to upgrade their crematoria, to take wider coffins.’
  • ‘It is cheaper to ship waste from London to Shenzen in China than it is to send it by road from London to Manchester.’

Laughter quotes

April 29, 2007

– 10 or so ‘Laughter quotes’ at Sugar Shock
– e.g. ‘He who laughs, lasts!’ 🙂

Time turns – a beautiful poem

April 18, 2007

Time turns friends into enemies, enemies into friends… Time builds Love, Loyalty and trust. The full poem is here. Enjoy 🙂

Quote: when you pick up the right tool in your life… you know it

April 16, 2007

This came from an interview with Morgan Freeman, talking about ‘picking up’ acting. I think this applies to physical ‘tools’ as well. For me, when I picked up a badminton racquet, it just fit… it just felt right in my hand straightaway… know what I mean 😉

Anyone care to share on this one?…

(For more on Morgan, check out his entry on IMDB.)

Quote: I am what I am because of who we all are

April 14, 2007

“Ubuntu is an African word meaning ‘Humanity to others’, or ‘I am what I am because of who we all are’.” The word is also used as the name of a free operating system.

I also love the quote so had to post it for that reason alone. 🙂

The site also gives more detail on the name.